Prior to the events taking place in the Hand in the Sand an upcoming wizard called Clarence was murdered. All that was found of him was a hand, which you have, and his head. Maybe you could explore the maze once more in search for the missing body parts?


quest Hand in the Sand Back to my Roots

Items needed:编辑

Food, Antipoison potions, Machete, Armor, a Weapon and some gold.

Items recommended:编辑

A teleport method in case you are out of antipoison and get poisoned.


10 runescape gold Magic XP, 100 Law runes, and 200 Blood runes.

1.Log on your runescape accounts and go to speak with Zavistic Rarve at the Wizards' Guild.

2.Give him the hand you already have and he will reward you, if you bring him the rest of the missing body parts.

3.Return to the maze and kill the creatures inside to receive a Torso, Foot, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, and Right Leg of Clarence as a drop. Once you have them all, take them to Zavistic Rarve.

4.He ask you to find proof of Sandy's involvement. Have him teleport you to Sandy's Shop on Karamja. Once there, search the table and pick up Sandy's Diary.

5.After you unlock it (if you fail, a lot of damage will be dealt to you, leaving you with only 5 hitpoints), read the contents and return to Zavistic Rarve.

He will then start the burial of Clarence, and you will see the cut scene of the ceremony.