hi i'm david sears creative director for Rainbow 6 Patriots here at ubisoft montreal
we have reason to believe someone may leak our preliminary target gameplay footage
for Rainbow 6 Patriots
this gives us the opportunity
to actually start communication with you guys much much earlier
so we're taking the initiative and we're going to show you the target gameplay
footage in its entirety here today
i hope you enjoy the viewing
shocking new video was release yesterday by identify himself as the true Patriots
the video show...
happy birthday
blow out
you know what i wish for
but the bady still sleep
wishes do come true
it's probably kevin next door
get away from her
rise and shine
happy birthday my wife
very nice place you got here
you really cash in on everyone else for close,didn't you
today you gonna make up and happen
your kid too
you coming with us no matter what happens you get yourself to time square
get clear the van
you better get yourself to time square
the is bomb is ON!!!
the van is on fire,take cover
hold on!echo team,look like we got a Suicide bomber
do not shoot
bomb squad is on the way,ETA 7 minute
four hostile coming at the car
echo ,provide covering fire from your position
hostile ahead take him out
we pick right time
NYPD!get on the ground
that was the warning shot,stop now
anyone has eye on the bomber
NYPD is firing on the bomber
if they kill him
no time for radio now,take the shot
shoot to wound
lay down
officer down
I got my wife
shut up
please getting out here
keep you head down
four hostile approaching behind the car
take down those hostile
enemy neutrazed
rally in my position
stop where you are
don't move
it's be alright
we're here for help
no no they gonna to kill me
you need to trust us
please! I don't want died
bomb sqad is 3 minute out
but they told me Ihave to get to time sqare
listen listen listen they got my wife
they got my kid
your family secured
just hang tight to the bomb sqad arrive
remote Detonate,this's bad
there's still more than hundred people still in the kill rate
we are out of time,I'm sorry
over here,now!
no no hey! don't do this
what did you do?
we have to
we hope you enjoyed viewing Rainbow 6 Patriots target gameplay footage
if you want to know more check out our website
and look for Rainbow 6 Patriots at 2013
This is the day we've been waiting for,
Years of training, years of sacrifice.
This is for the jobs you've streamlined, the debts you collected.
This is for home you close on, the bailouts you took.
We are the true patriots.
It's time for a new balance of power.
You may not answer to the government,but you will answer to us.
get him up.